Who Of Three?

Get a couple of guys, up to no good, start a design posse in your neighbourhood.

We’re located on the underside of the planet just to the left there.

Two Of Three's Location

We’re a start up design posse trying to mix things up a little bit in Perth, doing things a different way. We see our jobs as part of our lives, not something that’s getting in the way of our weekend. Why spend the majority of the week feeling miserable?

We enjoy our lives as designers, we love making things and we put our back into it. I’m not going to say blood, sweat and tears because nobody wants that on their hands.

More of Us!

For You, Design Horstachio?

  • Web

    A laptop in the wilderness.

    We take the information you want to put on the internet, make it easily digestable for the common man, then release it into the wild. It’s mostly web design but there’s a little bit of bear fighting.

  • Graphic

    A heart on some paper with a pencil.

    We figure out the feeling that you’re trying to represent and turn it into simple to understand graphics. You don’t always need words to express yourself, but we can do those too.

  • Photography

    A camera and photos

    We love to take photos, they can be used to bring substance to so many forms of media. We mostly use them as part of our web or graphic design but they’d look good anywhere.

  • We're Expanding

    Stabby things in the eye, AAAAAHHHHH

    While Two Of Three remains a three man crew focusing on web, graphic design and photography; we have at our disposal an ever expanding network of like minded people with unique skillsets.

    Ask us about the other services we can help you with. Here’s some you can ask us about already:

    • Small Business Network Management;
    • Music Composition;
    • Sound Design;
    • Illustration.

    Think you can offer our clients something that we don't? Hit us up.