Vastese bakery has been baking quality Italian bread for over 50 years. The branding had to reflect this heritage so we created a logo that both signified their Italian background as well immediately communicating their industry; a hybrid of an olive branch and a wheat sheath. The aim of the project was to elevate Vastese’s branding to a premium level to reflect the quality of their products while still maintaining a rustic Italian aesthetic.

We are extremely grateful to have been able to work with the people at Vastese and will continue to do so long into the future. Check out their website at

Keep your eyes pealed for the new branding on Vastese products.

A photo of Vastese's web site when viewed on a slimline laptop
Detail photo of Vastese's branding on the front of their business card
Two Vastese business cards sitting atop sliced bread
A closed up photo of the back of Vastese's business card