We’ve been working with Alreis Clothing for some time on new designs for their label, it’s all been a little hush hush but it’s time to unveil the hard work.

Alreis is Edward ‘Edit’ Maradona and Shahryar ‘Shaz’ Tehrani; founded in 2009, a quality apparel label with unique designs geared towards people of all different sub-cultures.

I first started talking business with Ed at a Birthday party of a mutual friend, I’d met Ed once or twice before but we’d never really had a decent chat. This was back when we were running under our more illicit name in 2010. Prior to this I’d heard second hand about Alreis from a good friend of mine in the BBoy scene who was rocking the label; he gave me a brief run down of what Ed and Shaz were all about. I remember being pretty impressed at the time that a couple of guys could start their own clothing label in Perth, little did I know that I, and our yet to be formed design posse, would be working with them.

So at this party Ed and I get to talking about our two companies, getting a bit of the low down straight from the source about Alreis and what they’re trying to achieve. I mention that I do websites and Ed’s keen for us to do some work on Alreis.com. That’s where this really started. A little down the track we had a meeting with Ed about the site, which we all fortunately attended. The idea was proposed between Adam and Ed that we could also do some design for their shirts in a collaboration. The idea got thrown around a little more at later meetings and then we started to feel the momentum, more and more meetings fueled excitement.

Adam started laying down the smack on some designs. More meetings, more design, more excitement. I’d mentioned to a decent amount of people that we’d been working in collaboration with the guys at Alreis on some designs but I’m not sure anyone took me so seriously because we never showed anyone the designs. Maybe it’s because I was actually in a bit of disbelief myself about what we were working on.

The Alreis X Two Of Three collaboration is exactly the kind of experience we were looking for when we first spoke about starting up, getting involved with other like minded creatives. Ed and Shaz are so passionate about their label and the community that it’s impossible not to get carried along with their excitement.

So here we are, a far cry from our inception, going deeper. The first Alreis X Two Of Three Collab. Stay tuned for the third shirt in the collection. If you miss out on these shirts you can get in early on the new goods. Head on over to the Alreis Shop, be quick though because there’s only fifty available and they’re going fast.