We were recently put in touch with Studio Atelier by some friends. Kim Tan and Mina Faroughi do styling and run a studio slash prop shop. They needed some work done quick snap for their new studio that was getting ready to launch.

The Studio Atelier store front on launch night

Hand picked items sourced from all over the world. Beautifully crafted jewellery, artisan & vintage homewares, one off furniture.

In three weeks they took a run down space in Fremantle which had horrible paint, busted lighting and mouldy carpet and turned it into an inviting sophisticated store; it now feels, and is, classy. It’s filled with beautiful furnishings, lighting and even some framed butterflies that we may or may not have spent too long looking at. Kim and Mina have worked their asses off to get the space looking amazing and it does.

I think we need to get some fake grass in our office, there’s that real inside out feeling you know? Anyway enough of my hippiness, check out the branding we did for them.

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